Sunday, January 30, 2011


The draw for  the collage to celebrate my 100th blog happened at 6.05 this evening. As you can see, I put the names in a hat and put the hat on top of the fridge, so no cheating to be had.
Congratulations to Sandra and Richard, from Bruny Island, Tasmania [I reckon the gin had something to do with it!!].
The collage they chose was collage D, by far the most popular of all of them. The others will be winging their way to NZ then on to other parts of the world, so if you are in the collage exchange, you may still receive one.
Thanks so much to everyone for participating. It was great fun. I'll have to think up something else to celebrate - the 200th will be too far away.


  1. N- well done on the foolproof selection process. What I liked most was the fact that you had a red party hat and a bottle of Bombay Gin on top of the fridge - way to go. B

  2. Ha ha... love the Bombay Gin for luck. Lucky Sandra and Richard!

  3. That was fun! Gin as the consolation prize.

  4. heck and darn it! oh well, will have to wait until your 200th post.