Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well, Faithful Followers - at last I have reached my 100th post so it's time to celebrate with a GIVE AWAY.... yeah!! As you will have noticed, I have also given my blog layout a face lift for the occasion. Haven't finished yet, still struggling with the tabs.
I have started making my bakers dozen [13] A4 collages for the 13th International Collage Exchange, organised by Dale Copeland in NZ.  If you'd like to join, get in touch will Dale - the more the merrier. It's a great way to network with international artists and to extend your own arts practice by trying new things. You may even sell some of them.
Here are the first 6 of my collages. One of these will be my 'give away gift'. You will need to post a comment in the comment box [no emails please], and tell me which one you like - they are labelled at the bottom of the image with 'Collage A' etc. If you are the winner, you will need to email me your address and I will send the A4 collage to you wherever you live. They are all mounted with a single matt on a mattboard backing.
 Collage A

 Collage B

 Collage C

 Collage D

 Collage E

Collage F

If you know how to comment, ignore the following, but if you are not sure how to make a comment, this is the process-
You will need to go to my blogsite [the emailed update is not sufficient]. 
Scroll down to the bottom of the post where you will see 'Posted by Noela Mills at [time and date]',  and 'x number of comments'.
Click on 'X Comments' then scroll down to see the comments people have posted. Go the bottom of the list and you will find a blank white box.
Type your comment into the box.
Where it says 'comment as' - if you are on facebook you can go to 'Google account', if not you can go to 'anonymous' but please tell me your name when you post the comment.
Then click on the 'post comment' box.
You will now need to write in your email address, password and type a crazy word verification - this all helps to avoid spam.
Sometimes you will get a red message saying that passwords etc don't match up, but ignore this message and keep going to the end if you can. I find this part of the process a bit tedious, but it's worth it so that we can connect and nertwork with one another. I have made fabulous new blogging friends this way and found so many like minded artists.

So just to recap - post your comment and tell me which collage you like and include your name and an email link if you are not a blogger.

I will draw the winner next Sunday so you have a week to decide and to post.

GOOD LUCK, and thanks to you all for fabulous support and inspiration over the past 100 posts.

Noela xoxoxoxo


  1. Wow! trying to choose one is so difficult, I love them all but perhaps C is the one which jumped to me a bit more. Havent had much luck with give aways lately so maybe this will be my time!
    I really love your work and am pleased when your blog has a new post.

  2. Congratulations Noela - it's nice to mark such a milestone!
    Collage A is my vote/choice...fingers crossed!

  3. Congratulations Noela.
    First of all .. your new blog-style looks very good.
    The collages are all very beautiful. It is not easy to decide. It would be wonderful to have one.
    My vote. Please, please Collage D ;)
    Fingers cross.
    Now i take a look on the D.Copeland - Site.
    greetings from bavaria

  4. Hi Penny, Fiona and Petra,
    thanks for your comments - yes, all good fun, isn't it? Interesting that you all like different collages - a good sign for me as an artist. Good luck xoxoxo

  5. N-blog makeover is looking good - more quiet Zen feel about it. Congrats on reaching 100 - it does require dedication. I like the look of D. Go well and continue to create well. B

  6. le collage B me plait énormément..un joli post pour la 100éme! bonne continuation!

  7. Congratulations. The're all beautiful, but I go for A. I really like the mosaic style you're using here. It looks like a layered landscape.
    All the best and keep on blogging, Eric.

  8. Hi Noela! I enjoy looking at your blog and still think about your wonderful fabric book that you posted a while back. It's lovely. I like all these collages, but I think E is my favorite. Thanks for posting your's such an inspiration...

  9. Well, they are all so fabulous I can't stand it! No kidding Noela, I just love your work.

    Your revamped blog look is great. Love the header image a lot. A hearty congratulations on your blogging milestone. I am so happy you are a part of the blogging community. I feel enriched by seeing your work and hearing your thoughts about art and life.

    I haven't even thought about starting my collages for the exchange yet, but maybe I better get going! Maybe we will get one from each other in the exchange!

    D does it for me! Fingers crossed....

  10. Hi Noela,

    I have been visiting your blog for some time now and like it very much, congratulations on your 100th post. Never say never, so my preference would be D and A. Thanks for showing all the beauty you make and show us!

    Regina, Sint Maarten

  11. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love your blog and read it faithfully.

    Your collages are beautiful and collage D hits the spot!


  12. They are all wonderful, but D is my favorite. Which one do you like the best?

  13. Hi Barry, Elfi, Eric, Jill, and Leslie, nice to get your lovely comments, thank you all. Leslie - a little secret - the header happened by accident - couldn't get what I wanted and gave up in the end, and now I love it too!!
    Regina, Debbie and Judy - thanks for joining in and giving me more fabulous support - Judy I think I like E the most but I have no real preferences as I know they are all leaving my studio for greener pastures. xoxox

  14. Hi from Hunchy, I am with Elfi - B jumped off the page and said WOW to me. Congrats on your achievement and also your new blog looks extra classy......Christine

  15. Oh yes oh yes, it has to be D that does it for me.

  16. Oh how difficult to choose. They are all so beautiful. A and D are my favourites ...... If I win (holding thumbs) you choose between A or D. Thanks so much Noela. Your blog is looking good.

  17. They are all wonderful but I like 'D' the most!

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

    Best wishes

  18. Noela...these collage pieces are beautiful! I love a grid and also drawn to little circular guess I would choose A as the most wonderful of the wonderful! Cheers! Patti

  19. Congratulations Noela... LOVE the header. 100 blogs is a lot of computer time, when do you find time to produce all this work? The collages are awesome (as if they wouldn't be... all your work is inspiring) but if I had to choose just one it would be - E - tho' it really is hard to pick one. Teabags rule!

  20. I LOVE them all!! But D is my favorite and would look just perfect in my freshly renovated master bedroom. The colors are wonderful and I love the shapes, too. But more importantly: congratulations on 100 posts and - thank you for all the inspiration.

  21. What a wonderful giveaway--and celebration of your blog posts- all 100 of them. I had a very hard time choosing but Collage A edged out the others by a tiny bit...

  22. Thanks Christine, Te, Robyn, Steven, Patti, Jo, Jean and Donna - good to hear from you all. Wish I could give each one of you a collage!! Good luck to everyone. xoxoxox

  23. These are all great, lots of movement in each one. I like A the best.


  24. I am new to your blog, and planning to keep visiting. I prefer E, but they all look interesting.

  25. To our dear friend Noela,
    We love collage D - it is a harmonious balance between negative Zen space and active intrigue. Love from Sandra and Richard

  26. Congratulations Noela. Have been following your block for quite a while. Found you when I was working night duty. Love collage them all but D the most.

  27. Hi Noela,
    Congrats on your 100th post. Your 'new look' blog is looking great. Wow, what a choice ...making it hard to choose !-/
    I'm particularly taken by :D

  28. i wasn't any good at choosing people for the sports team either. nice work, nice pages
    best wishes

  29. Thanks Irene, Jackie, Richard, Sandy, Caroline, Kim and India. Tomorrow is the draw - good luck to you all. I will draw the lucky winner at 6pm my time. xoxoxoxo

  30. Hi Noela, beautiful work as usual, they all look great and a nice new look blog.I have to go for D.
    Have fun choosing.

  31. Hi Mieke, thanks for the comment but unfortunately, the draw closed at 6pm tonight xoxoxo

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