Friday, February 5, 2010


I am starting to really love my 'down time'. It has taken a month, but I am really in to it now. I have just finished a work which I started in a Glen Skein workshop in 2007. I have called it 'Time Peace'. It started out as an homage to the important women in my life, but has evolved to be a literal and figurative reference to time - past, present and future, especially the desire to 'live in the moment' with love.
        tiny books       crystal ball     antique watch parts
The fabulous array of old watch parts were sent to me by friends Carla and Richard who are keen Clock club members. They found a big box of old stuff at an antique clock market and thought of me. Lovely friends!!
I have even included secret compartments - what fun.

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  1. Hi Noela

    It's good to have the down time and to finish some bits and pieces - this one looks like a treasure trove!