Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been making lovely pojagi scarves for a few months. Pojagi is a  traditional Korean translucent 'patchwork' technique, using old and recycled fabrics. I am using beautiful silk kimono scraps brought back from Japan last year. Many have found homes back in Japan with new friends, I have given some to friends in Australia, and I have sold some through local galleries.

I love making them. The fabrics are oozing with history - patched, hand stitched and mended wabi sabi elements; stamps and labels indicating names of makers and regions; dyed, faded and stained areas all telling tales of their makers and wearers.
The reds are especially gorgeous - such a rich and vibrant colour . The red silks were used mainly as linings in wedding kimonos -a teasing, seductive glimpse revealed only when the bride moved.

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