Saturday, January 30, 2010

First 5 letters for ALaW

The ALaW project is growing still. I think there are about 15 members now from about 4 or 5 countries. Well done to our lovely Fiona!!
As I have already indicated, I am using photos taken of an old painted hand made box to source my alphabet letters. For some unknown reason, my initial letters were vowels, thus I am a week ahead!! I am using mainly ACDSee [a simple version of Photoshop] to achieve these results. I will note when I use another programme.
Here are the original photos, the final letters, and some pointers on how I got to that stage.
a. Mirror image, flipping, cloning.
e. Flip, clone.
i. Flip, clone, colour changes.
o. Flip, clone, add contrast.
u. Change perspective [with 'Paintshop Pro 7'], clone.
There are some challenges ahead. I will need lots of artistic licence with some letters.
I am teaching these techniques at an ATASDA workshop in Brisbane on April 24th and 25th.

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