Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am still playing with the book idea - for me it is a good way to experiment and to extend ideas but mostly a way to consoliadte 'stuff' that I have lying around.
I have hundreds of rather nice life drawings. What to do with them? Leave them in the cupboards for the silverfish and cockroaches? I can't bear to cut up the good ones, but I am happily using the mediochre ones for collaged book pages.
Yes, I am using tea bags, tea, mould and rust dyed fabrics, and various inks, paints, pencils and waxes.
Lots more work to be done on the images before they become a book.
I am also playing with scanned and printed images - this one has been printed onto T shirt transfer paper then ironed onto calico.

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  1. what a great idea.. to use your life drawings and other papers for a future book-- can't wait to see the finished results-- love the idea that you are using tea bags, and papers that have been textured with natural processes