Thursday, December 10, 2009


WOW - this was a BIG job. I thought it would take me a few hours, but it ended up taking a couple of days. There are two layers of silk and they both stretched all over the place - warp, weft and diagonal - not at all like stretching a canvas.

Background layer stretched
I must have used about 500 staples, half of which I took out out again as I adjusted the tension.

The timber framework had these lovely dowel joints holding the crossbars in place - no warping to be had on this screen!! What a shame to hide this great craftsmanship.

This is how it looked at 3am after I'd finished all the hard work. My hands were swollen and sore from squeezing the staple gun,

...and this is how it looked the next morning with the sun streaming through the silk. Sheer Magic. This is called 'POJAGI' - a Korean patchwork technique. More about that in the next post.

A final stem press on the frame and it all came together without any bumps and lumps.

 Installed over the entertainment unit in the living room.
I was thrilled with the result . The architect, Steve, and I spent a lovely few minutes this morning finding special serendipitous images and design aspects which 'spoke' to us of the magic of the home, the family and their place in the mountains.

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