Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The screen will slide across a high window, enabling quite a lot of translucency in this area. It poses quite a design problem as the rest of the area will be always be opaque, and when the screen slides in front of the TV, the background area will be darker. I guess it would be a good idea if I posted some pics of the screen in situ, so that what I'm doing makes more sense.

I have taped a piece of white paper to the screen to indicate where the window will be when the screen slides to the left. More confusing design issues as the window is now in positive, not negative, but I wasn't about to tape paper all over the place to create a negative image.

I'm pleased to say that the background layer of silk is finished - well, it is all sewn together - attaching it to the screen is another matter.

The next stage is the really fun bit. I can let my 'wabi sabi' head go. I have created lots of small interesting pieces making the most of odd bits of seams, selvedges, antique hand stitchings, folds, patches, mottley dyed bits, even some holes. I am working with horizontal bands of patches that will all be sewn together once the individual details are finished.

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  1. The silk looks good on the screen - now you can convert your ideas into a reality. I can see you have some challenges with the opaqueness etc. I guess you need these challenges to stimulate you towards that frenetic frenzy that gets lots of new and old ideas created and assembled to your satisfaction. Cheers for now, Robert