Monday, July 9, 2012

'Flying South'

Well....not me, actually, just 3 new art works for the 30 x 30 [cm] exhibition at the Brunswick St Gallery in Melbourne - opening Friday 13th at 6pm if you're in the area.
I started with a delicious unresolved messy bit of white watercolour paper, went to town with my inks, rust paint and dyes, letting my brushes take a dance across the paper - no particular style or theme - just lovely mark making.
I chose 3 areas that seemed to work OK then cut them out and added a few details to suggest the theme that was evolving - boats.
...'Dry Dock'
'Low Tide'
...and some other favourite snippets that may or may not made it to a final image.


  1. Wow - I love the original big piece so much and couldn't imagine liking it cut up - what a shame. But then I see all the lovely bits and....I love them all. I have yet to cut up a larger abstract and isolate my favorite sections - I've read over and over how people do it - I might just go home and get those scissors out before I can change my mind! Thanks for sharing all your lovely images.

  2. c'est cette spontanéité et le choix des couleurs! beau!

  3. Love the way you work Noela. JUST some mark-making?.... inspired I'd say.

  4. love these images Noela - especially the simplicity of the last two images. Please can you tell me what you mean about rust paint??? Sounds like something I wold love.

  5. I hope they enjoy their trip down south N - so much they don't come back! Looks like a bit of freedom on paper.

  6. Hi Terrie - it's exciting using a matt and isolating special bits,
    Elfi, Jo and India - thanks for the enthusiasm and feedback,
    Susan - the paint is Porter's Rust Paint - 2 parts - available from their store in the Valley, or from a paintshop in Coolum - great fun to use and it KEEPS on reacting!!!
    Fiona, yes, that would be a bonus:)

  7. stunning as usual Noela. Good luck! I'm sure they will be well received.