Friday, July 27, 2012

A Letter A Week, 'Dotty' alphabet

I have started my second alphabet for 2012. For more information on this fabulous international blogger network project, go to 'A Letter a Week' for the details.
These are my first 4 letters, created from paper immersed and allowed to dry in a rusty oven tray filled with green tea - great results.
...and my favourite piece of paper - yes, just green tea and rust on a cheap water colour paper.
This process also creates wonderful results on silk -
...which led me to creating some patchwork 'Pojagi' [Korean] for an exhibition in Seoul.
...more on that soon.


  1. Fascinating results - also the best use, in my opinion, for green tea.

  2. i love how one thing
    to another.

  3. je me réjouis de voir la suite.. avec la soie.. c'est beau!

  4. I commented on the ALAW site but will do so again here - I just love the process of adorning your paper and it's so clever of you to end up with three alphas from one. Just stunning.

  5. No wonder you liked my measly rusted cotton! Your dotty alphabet is wonderful as is that last photo of the pojagi. Very curious to hear about that.

  6. Looks like a heap of fun N - hope you find those mislaid bit soon!