Monday, July 16, 2012


Whew!! Why do we work to deadlines - so stressful...Maybe it's because we [well - I- ] need them to get motivated.
I entered the Queensland Flying Arts exhibition for 2012 [no guarantee of acceptance] and was 3 days late with my photos. They kindly gave me the weekend to get my act together - trouble was, I had another 3 pieces for an exhibition in Korea to finish and photograph and physically send as well.
Firstly, the painting for Flying Arts [the rest will come in the next blog].
It's called 'Balancing Rock, Girraween NP'
125cm x 90cm
I had a lovely family camping holiday in this area on the Granite Belt, SE Queensland, about 15 years ago. The rock formations are magnificent. These are what inspired me -
I have a fascination for monolithic rocks and explored some wonderful ancient Prehistoric sites when I was in Europe last year. Hope to use some of my pics for inspiration 'one day' - here I go with the procrastination again.
I'll pop in a couple of special rock photos from my travels.....[unlike the Girraween rock formations, these were man made]...
NE Portugal.
near Land's End, UK,
of course, the amazing Stonehenge.


  1. Just what is it about monoliths, cairns, stone circles, etc. that speak to us so? I've yet to see Stonehenge, but have been lucky enough to wander through a few circles in England or Ireland...forget which. The quiet power and whispers of history are palpable, aren't they?

  2. Well put, Jennifer - maybe they tap into our past lives?

  3. magnifique..une suggestion: un voyage en Bretagne, sur la côte de granit rose!

  4. You certainly know how to get to the 'essence' of a subject Noela. Good luck!

  5. This is a beautiful interpretation of the rock formations!