Sunday, April 29, 2012

New work

I have been scanning the bloggersphere - boy, there's some lovely work happening out there.

Time to get my act together and do a bit of posting on what I've been doing... well, I haven't been doing much of my own work - I've been organising lots of stuff for the 'Culture 2 Culture' collaboration with China - the next step being an exhibition with 11 'local' artists and Li Jun.
More on that next post.

This is one of my paintings for the show. I started it many years ago. It sat in the cupboard unresolved and I decided last week to splash a few more lines over the paper.
This orchid is a possibility for the show. Needs some resolving as well...
Maybe just by signing and putting my red chock in the corner it might be enough???
I started a watercolour of fish, but of course I overdid it, so now I might whitewash over the sheet of [expensive] paper!!

These are my favourite things - little 'books' that I've been making in front of the TV at night.
Some are more Japanese than Chinese, but I figure that as I have been engaged with both cultures recently, I'll do a bit of cheating.


  1. Ooohhhh you're little books are so beautiful Noela!Stunning in fact!Such an inspiring post of beautiful art ..... and I don't know about whitewashing those fish. All your work looks just perfect to me.

  2. are you joking! in front of the T.V. she says... these books are just faboulous Noela!

  3. Thanks Robyn and Mieke - good to get some positive feedback after a while not doing much xoxoxox

  4. The little 'books' are just awesome! So breathtaking...
    And I love the watercolour of the koi just as it is...

  5. It is so good to see some of the work that enthralled me when I first met you - or at least your work in theFine Arts Festival in Albury. Collage work that swept me away with its sense of design and beauty. Your little books remind me of this work.

  6. Your little hanging books are just so "you" Noela - love them! I am particularly fond of the one on the bottom left, with the pebbles... but they all sing of your design style and sensibility. Hope you've been having fun with them.

  7. N- love the first piece and the little hanging books - - you shine through these pieces. B

  8. Your idea for how to resolve the orchid is perfect...and to me, applies to the koi as well.

    The books! Those wonderfully creative, inspiring books...aaahh. I agree with Fiona about the bottom left one with the stones. They're all great, but that one speaks to me and begs to be touched, to have it pages opened, to tell its just be.

    Thank you for this post.

  9. These are all stunning! I love your little books - they are imaginative and oh-so-pretty. I'm drawn to Asian stylings and art as well, so these just really appeal to me. I found you via ALAW and am your newest follower.

  10. No wonder you are an infrequent blogger Noela. Your output is amazing. Li Jun's influence has shone in your brushwork. Love the books... very YOU.

  11. Noela - wonderful - these little books are magnificent and your paints the same!!

    This will be an exciting exhibition to see - wow can't wait - Cheers - keep working though I am sure I speak for all it is inspiring to see your output!!

  12. I have loved your books for so long,this is the artistic brilliance of you Noela, with Chinese & Japanese influence, you instinctively marry them all together
    in such a sensitive and serene way.
    When are you coming to visit?
    Richard & Sandra

  13. Each piece is more beautiful than the last! And your books are gorgeous, too.

  14. Stregata- thank you, yes, I am really enjoying the books,
    Susan - thanks for the compliments and the interesting link to the past - a lifetime ago for us both!!,
    F & B - thanks again for all the support - yes the 3 hanging pebbles is the stand out book [it was Fiona's birthday present] XX,
    Hi Eric, thanks for the WOW, love it!!,
    Jennifer, love your reference to 'secrets' in the books - a touch of mystery,
    Terrie, nice to meet you, welcome, and thanks,
    Jo and Wyn- yes, I think Li Jun has given me a bit more confidence to play once again,
    R&S, lovely to hear from you and thanks for the great support as always,
    Jane - what lovely words, thank you so much.

  15. The hanging books are so peaceful. I am trying a similar construction with fabric, but none of the serenity!

  16. Noela, You inspire me, not only with your work, but with your tireless research and commitment to the field of art, plus all the sharing.
    You are a pretty special person.
    Sandy & Richard

  17. Love those "little books". Amazing that you do them in front of the tv. And your paintings are beautiful. I always wonder where people get the Asian paper with script. Paper sources online only have standard fare. Must have to go to Japan or China!