Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Strangler Figs

I am lucky enough to live close to a beautiful patch of remnant rain forest [Mary Cairncross Park] which was donated to the community early last century. It is a 'must see' when I have friends from other parts of the country/world come to visit. My friends Helen and Dave McIntyre from Stanley, NE Vic., were here on the weekend and we enjoyed this spectacular walk. Dave is a keen native tree man and was happy to find a few white and red native beech trees still standing. Helen is the wildlife spotter and found us a pademelon, bush turkey, scrubwrens, giant earth worm and trapdoor spider holes, and I took lovely photos of my favourite undulating lines and textures whilst trying to sound knowledgable about the local area.
The strangler figs wrap around the host trees, killing them eventually; and once they decay, a hollow wonderland is left behind. The buttress roots extend far from the base of the tree, flowing across the ground like a stiffened ball gown.


  1. Amazing pictures. I have just been hunting the internet for Ficus religiosa seeds to give as a gift. Little Bodhi Trees.

  2. We don't have 'strangler figs'...but I like to find unique trees shaped by our local twisting vines, in my patch of your stiffened ball gown description!

  3. Beautiful photo's Noela! Worthy of an entry into the FOW photographic comp for sure...