Friday, July 23, 2010


YEAH -----my updates are now working.
I was invited to dinner last Wednesday night to AN ALPHABET DINING EVENT - Creative Dining in Maleny, where the guest of honour was 'G' for Gary. Gary is a techno wizz, and I asked him about my blog not updating in follower's side panels. He said something about RSS feed. I googled RSS and simply cut and pasted the RSS address into my blog feed setting, [after I meticulously copied down the 160 letter address that was already there - just in case]. I have no idea where the dodgy address originally came from but hey - the new one seems to be working now. Fingers crossed :)
[this is a favourite painting, 'Canopy', to hopefully appear and celebrate my updated status in your blog feed]

I posted some months ago about a gallery in Noosa which I had joined. Unfortunately that one didn't work out, but I now have work in another one. I hope this one will work for me -
'Jewellery and Art gallery @ Carrington's'.
It is in Noosa Junction.
The people running the gallery are lovely and they have lots of past experience running a fabulous contemporary jewellery gallery - the painting side of the venture is new, and they seem to love my work, so here's hoping. Time for me to get into the paints again after a 6 months break.
These pics were taken at the recent opening of a group exhibition titled 'The Language of Art'. paintings,
...explaining 'wabi sabi', jewellery and scarves [and cheeky TALL daughter].
These are some of my favourite paintings which are hanging on the walls.
'Forest - Camoflage'
'Forest - Outcrop'
'Forest - Aerial View'
'Forest - Mist Rising'
'Landmarks 2'
'Landmarks 5'
'Landmarks 7'
'Landmarks 10'


  1. I love these paintings and I'm thrilled your RSS feed is all better now! Don't you love it when someone figures out the answer?

  2. Yes, thanks Leslie, and I am thrilled that I am thrilled about the little things, and that you have replied so quickly!!! It must be the middle of the night over there 'cos it's middle of the afternoon here.

  3. Your 'Canopy' would be a favorite of mine too! I can't help but see the base of an old tree stump standing in snow, a very familiar scene to me, here in my woods.

  4. Hello Noela...Your paintings are so evocative and beautiful...are they on paper? Canvas? Its a bit difficult to tell online. Wish I were in your part of the world to visit the gallery and see your work in person....but, alas...I am in the Pacific Northwest part of the US, Portland, Oregon. Best, Cynthia

  5. I love this painting, too, but then all of your paintings touch me in some way. I don't "know" anything about abstract art - the hows or whys - I know what moves me and your work does. Wishing you much success in your gallery.

  6. How great to see you back, really missed your blogs, I just love them and so inspirational.

  7. Yep, your image in my sidebar is finally working and I immediately saw your new post. I LOVE your paintings- your freedom and looseness is something that eludes me in my own work..and congrats on finding a new gallery.

  8. Thanks very much, Donna - I am about to send you a 'mail away' card :) xoxoxo

  9. I came to see the fabric book. But I loved this post, too.

  10. Thanks Annell. Welcome to my blog xoxoxo