Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lucas Parklands Exhibition

A group of locals is involved in a sculptural exhibition at the Lucas Parklands Open Garden on Queen's birthday weekend in Montville [4 weeks away].I have decided to go 'ephemeral installationish' so that I can use lengths of fabric floating in the breeze and contrasting with the rain forest.
First step - to paint some old cotton sheeting fabric with a big brush. I wanted the leaves to satin the fabric so I left it outside in the weather for several weeks. I will cut strips of the stained cotton and sew it to strips of new cotton sheeting, hopefully using hand stitching and heavy thread. I want it to have the raw and earthy feeling of 'bush' sewing.
Second step - to buy $100 worth of stretchy jersey fabric in white, cream, lime green, red and grey.
Third step - to make some triamgular 'sails' and do a trial run in situ with the help of my good friend Ken.
 Fourth step - to play with some photoshop ideas for other fabric installion pieces.
Fifth step - making a 4 - 5 metre long 'gum leaf garland' to drape over a tree echoing a lovely long piece of bark.
I have a few other ideas as well - see how I go for time and energy!!

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