Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As well as working on paper, we did a lot of 'mark making' on fabric. We talked about traditional indigenous peoples' mark making from various world regions - especially the 'Kantha' stitching from India and the 'Boro' stitching from the remote, poor and cold regions of Japan. I absolutely love the Boro pieces - the honest and noble lives of those amazing women really touches my heart. Thanks to Donna Watson, of 'Layers' blogsite, I have tracked down the book -'Boro - Rags and Tatters from the far North of Japan'  and now have my own copy - delicious. Thanks, Donna.
So here are some samples of mark making on fabric, which were displayed hanging on satay sticks suspended in a black box, but now I have joined them together into a book form.
batik resist, wax stage,
batik, dicharge dying [bleach] and stitching,
Kantha stitching front and back,

waxed kimono silk lining stitched to discharge dying 'failure' [not pure cotton],

beautiful waxed silk sample,
'pages' hanging,
in the box,
in book form, 
with cover.
This is a little book made entirely from waxed kimono lining silk. favourite.
The fabric book is a work in progess - I am stitching a bit more every evening in front of the telly.


  1. Hi Noela, I am glad you found the Boro book- thanks for the mention and the link to my blog...
    I am so excited to see all your textile and fabric work here-- it all looks wonderful.
    I have been thinking of how to continue with my collage papers and make them look more and more like fabrics-- as I prefer glue to sewing :-)

  2. Will you send me an email so we can talk? coach leslie @ oly pen. com (remove all the spaces)

  3. What beautiful work! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing more.

  4. Hi Noela, I am back for another visit.
    I found this artist online--- google his name Sam Messenger and click on his images-- some of his work looks like gossamer frail fabric-- but is actually hand drawn and painted-- amazing work.