Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ron Mueck exhibition

Yesterday, I saw the Ron Mueck exhibition at GOMA, Brisbane. I'm not a fan of super realism in any genre, but nevertheless this was an incredible exhibition.
Apart from the mammoth technical effort of casting these incredible human forms, I was entranced with the body language and facial expressions on his subjects. 
'Wild Man'
I felt compelled to engage with the sculptures, to wonder at the circumstances, the conversations, the reasons for being.
 'Woman with Sticks'
It was very interesting that communication was happening between strangers in the gallery - wonder, laughter, revulsion, incredulousness - quite unusual in a gallery like this.
'Woman in Bed'
 [3] 'Old Women Gossiping'
'Old Woman Sleeping'
'Man in Boat'
This one conveyed the biggest mystery - why was a vulnerably naked man sitting alone in a boat in the middle of the ocean looking suspiciously at something?
'Dead Dad'
'Dead Chicken'


  1. I have seen a few of Ron Muek's art works in museums and they are quite FABULOUS and AMAZING- thanks for sharing so many more here-- all wonderful- I especially like the gossiping women.

  2. I have seen images of this work before, but yours are additionally informative. Thank you. So interesting that the people viewing made a connection though the art. I loved the old women gossiping, and the old woman sleeping. Sometimes art will make me look, really look. And this art does!

  3. Thanks Donna and Leslie - yes I came away with a new appreciation for his work.

  4. I've seen his work in art magazines but WOW I can't imagine in person

  5. I saw Ron Muek's work at the Saatchi Gallery a few years ago and was amazed at his work - but the scale wasn't as big as these. They are really fascinating.
    I also saw the work of Duane Hanson in the same exhibition and thought they were real figures - quite funny although felt a bit of a fool when I realised they weren't!
    Link to Duane Hanson's work: