Thursday, November 26, 2009

JAPANESE STYLE SCREEN & wabi sabi huntsman

The lining silk has been dyed. I left the two pieces on the line to drip dry, tea leaves and all. I should get some uneven splodges and hope that where the fabrics have touched, I will get more uneven patches. The next step is to wash the fabrics in the machine to rinse out excess residue and tea leaves.

I have an intruder in the bathroom - I'm a bit nervous about having a shower before I go out. The poor thing has a couple of legs missing, so I can't be mean and kill it or even shoo it away. I'm OK with other spides, but huntsmen frighten me - I think it's the way they run off suddenly and maybe run up your arm.....eeeaaaggghhhh!!

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  1. Hi Noela. The silk looks beautiful blowing in the breeze. Look forward to next photos Robert