Monday, November 23, 2009


I have a commission to make a 1.5metre square translucent screen to slide across a TV and entertainment unit in a magnificent new home in Maleny overlooking the Glasshouse mountains and Moreton Island. The owners, Robert and Ann Hadley, and the architects, 'Bark' design, have entrusted the task to me. I am using tea and coffee dyed silks with a multitude of 'pojagi' [Korean] style machine and hand stitched seams. I have enough antique kimono silks to use for the feature areas and the whole screen will be lined with new 'Dupion' silk organza. The end result will be a wonderful expression of wabi sabi.


  1. Good luck with it Noela. I am sure you are working on something wonderful. Robert

  2. Congratulations Noel! Blog looks great. I'll be a keen reader. Love the images of the dyeing. It looks so beautiful. Love Wen

  3. Congratulations on getting the blog going, and beautiful textures, your 1:1 photography style makes more sense now! We are looking forward to seeing this exciting process unfold over the next few weeks SG