Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In Brisbane yesterday, I drove and walked and got lost and drove some more and got very hot and bothered on the elusive hunt for a gallery to take my jewellery [not to mention the cost of car parking]. Three fabulous galleries [including GOMA / Qld Art Gallery Store] were interested but they 'place their orders in the beginning of the year'. Hmmmmmmm. Hard for an artist like me who does different 'stuff' every year! Never mind, I will keep in touch and hopefully my work will be one of the orders next year. The compensation was that I got to see a lot of the beautiful Southbank precinct as I was in the wrong car park and ended up walking from one end to the other.
Early this morning I waved goodbye to my 21year old daughter as she flew off to London and Europe for a month. Mixed feelings on my part, but I'm SO excited for her.

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