Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wearable Contemporary Art [Jewellery]

Next Challenge.

Wearable art.
I have entered into the Toowoomba 'Contemporary Wearables' Biennial Jewellery art exhibition and prize.
Contemporary, mixed media jewellery is my favourite thing to do. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that my work will be accepted, but I need to keep entering these things to keep me motivated.

Step 1.
These are the materials I want to use:
1. old reading glasses found in various places, [I love the top gold ones so will keep them and try to get my own lenses fitted],
2. kangaroo/wallaby bones found on Bruny Island [road kill],
3. acupuncture needles,
4. farmed emu feathers.

Step 2.
I want to use the broken glasses - love the gold spring loaded nose pieces!
Need to work out how to connect the loose lens - [went with araldite],
and can I use something to cover the edge of the lens - tried all sorts but nothing worked.
Which bone to use and how to fix it over the nose piece?
A play with feathers in a convenient hole in the bone.
[some Biology lessons on nerves travelling through tunnels in the bones]



  1. I look at all this stuff and think, "Wow! Incredibly cool things. Now what?" But you already have ideas and you're trying this and that. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you end up creating. Please keep posting your progress.

  2. Thanks Carol, I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm. You are right, I have ideas already, but they don't necessarily work, so I am surrounded by materials 'just in case'.