Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 2 - Painting challenge

I was tentative about starting to mix and apply my watercolour paints, but loved the process once I started. This paper is SO forgiving, love the fact that I can blot out and work over areas.
Hahaha, maybe it is worth paying for good quality products after all!!!
Today I blocked in the darkest shadows just to get me going.


  1. I have yet to take the plunge and play with my watercolours... I used to love doing pen and ink drawings, but I haven't dare try since a stroke took out my right side - my left-hand still isn't dexterous enough.
    Can I ask which brand of watercolours you are using?

  2. Hi Claire, sorry to hear about your stroke. My water colors are cheap tube paints which I have decanted into ice cube trays. Time for you to have a go - doesn't matter if results are not 'perfect' - you will get some great spontaneous results. Try painting on non precious paper - newspaper, old novels, street maps - lots of fun when you don't need to be precious.

    1. Thanks for this Noela, I will give it a go... I've finished my Lenten Logbook, finally, so I can now start a new project at last :) I'll let you know how it goes...