Sunday, January 13, 2013

UFO #2

On NY Eve, I had a silly notion to finish an unfinished project every week. Hmmmmm......
I have managed another UFO - not very creative but it takes a little bit of pressure off me so I can focus a bit more on my art.
I mended/altered 3 skirts for my 24 year old daughter who, 2 weeks ago, moved to Melbourne to live/work/study. She has only just returned home after 2 years in London  ...sob, sob.... but I love visiting Melbourne and I have plenty of frequent flyer points, smile.

This is a pile of antique laces that have been in the drawer for years. 
I turned a torn pair of cotton Nepalese pants into a 2 layered skirt with antique lace.
This skirt started life as a dress.
This old favourite just needed new elastic.

I have 4 or 5 small paintings sitting in the studio needing minimal work to finish. Hopefully my muse will pay a visit in the coming week so I can complete UFO # 3 [mending clothes is far less taxing!!!]


  1. bonjour à la muse... ces dentelles m'inspirent...:))))

  2. So satisfying to complete something that's been sitting around - well done!

  3. N- well done on the UFP front - looks like we are all doing indoor creative stuff. Go well. B

  4. You are a girl of many talents Noela. Glad your daughter is closer'll be loving that.

  5. Your daughter has one wonderful loving mum.

  6. Great NY resolution. Love the skirts esp the one with the antique lace bits!
    Helen Mc

  7. Elfi - yes, I love the antique laces - so full of memory and possibility - I made a top with these laces a few years ago
    Carol, glad you understand the feeling - yes, very satisfying
    B - it's so hot just walking the few metres between house and studio [both with air con. but I try to have only one on at a time]
    Jo - thanks for that, yes, nice to have the girl closer,
    Sandra, oooh, hope she realises this!!!!
    Helen, thanks for that, nice to have you 'drop by'.

  8. daughters definitely come first - and when they are home it is hard to have your own thoughts about work as their needs are paramount. Melbourne is just down the road! My daughter is just down the road in Sydney. you will probably have a rush on finishing off those projects once your home returns to 'normal'. :-)