Friday, September 21, 2012

'Peace Book'

A week or so ago, Fiona co-ordinated an exhibition of 'Peace Books' in the local library display cabinet. It's always lovely to be included in these community collaborations, and as it's 'International Day of Peace' today, Friday, 21st Sept., it is nice to be spreading the word in my own humble way.
This is my contribution and words of explanation.

"My book represents the notion that life has become so complex with dark layers of ‘stuff’ forever present.
The high tide mark in the ink indicates that enough is enough.
It’s time to look beyond the distractions, however enticing, and to rise above the craziness to a peaceful, quiet, empty space where we can be replenished and renewed.
The mountains on the front cover are a serendipitous addition that appeared as the ink was settling – a wonderful metaphor for me because I truly need mountains in my life to achieve a peaceful state of mind".
Fiona's Peace book,
Barry's Peace 'Book',
Ken's two Peace 'Books'


  1. It's a stunner of a book - so thank you for contributing it to this wee display/exhibition. It seems to me that we are each more peaceful in the makign of works about peace...somehow the subject manner affects our interaction with it or something. I really love the flow of peace in this.

  2. The whole collection is superb... and the sentiments so aptly expressed.