Monday, September 24, 2012

A Mad Month

...well, not really mad, just full on with Art Activities in this region - fabulous stuff happening everywhere- too much to post here with my SLOW internet connection, so please forgive the frequent links to further information.  Please go into the links because there are great works and activities to enjoy and inspire.

I will start with my GOOD NEWS.

A. Flying Arts Award.
I have been awarded the fibre prize for my entry into the 2013 Flying Arts touring exhibition. This entitles me to flights and all expenses paid to a 'Textile Fibre Forum' class of my choice in 2013. Geelong, here I come in Sept/Oct next year. Thanks very much, Flying Arts and TAFTA.
This is my entry:
‘Devil’s Dice’
rust dyed silks, machine stitched 'pojagi' style.

"These shapes relate to the mining of iron ore in North and Central Queensland.
Devil’s Dice are iron ore cubes which can change to pyrite then limonite through a process of ‘pseudomorphism’.
For me, the mining issue is a difficult one to come to terms with. It creates jobs for our people, wealth for the nation and raw materials for all those ‘essential’ goods we take for granted. On the other hand, the country is being decimated, traditional owners forced from ‘country’, and greed and consumerist mentality reinforced.
The ‘devil’ is a good metaphor for the industry and the dice has connotations of ‘dicing with death’, and taking risky chances. Will Mankind one day decide that the risk was too great?
My silk shapes reflect the fragility of the situation and the process of metamorphosis that happens not only to the iron ore and the silk, but to the whole universe".

B. 'Food as Art'
Ken [Sept 18th post] recently organised an exhibition of local artsits to cooincide with the highly successful Real Food Festival held here in Maleny. This is my entry:
'An Apple a Day'
[highly colourful for me - it was fun for a change]

C. Flags for Peace.
This project was started By Mary Jane Dodd in the US. Fiona and Ken coordinated the project locally. This is my entry which is still hanging on the front deck and hopefully will stay for many weeks yet. 
The flags read 'Peace' in English, Japanese, Arabic and Tibetan.

D. 'Sailing Inland'
Art4place is a community arts organisation which I belong to. We have 6 projects running this month. This is my contribution:
"This installation tells stories of the past and of the present, connecting the coast to the hinterland.
The white sails echo the arrival of many of our forebears by sailing ship, along the coast that stretches out far below the escarpment.
The colourful sails reflect the hang gliders that regularly float and thread themselves across the skies above, taking off from the escarpment and drifting down below, bringing the mountains to the sea"

E. Peace in the Trees
...another art4place activity - starting with a 2 day sandstone carving workshop culminating with an open day yesterday to view the sculptures in situ - beautiful.

F. Jackson Li and the Suncoast Clay Workers
We met Jackson last year in China. He is the owner and founder of the Sanbao Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China. Jackie Gasson of the Suncoast Clay Workers organised a major EVENT [Ignition exhibition and competition at Cooroy Butter Factory, Hands of the Masters - [Jackson, Kevin Grealy, Greg Daly and Janet de Boos] -  at the Art and Ecology centre, Tanawah, and other various workshops and networking events.
...Mieke won the Ignition Sculpture award - congrats Mieke...
...Greg Daly's lustre work...
Kevin Grealy's works...
...Janet de Boos latest China/Australia collaborative pieces....
...Jackson Li's Australian made pieces and rice paper painting...

G. Jackson's Brushmaking Workshop
...ah - I LOVE being a student.
....preparation with a tea 'ceremony'... brushes - from dog and horse hair [goat and donkey would have been better].

I think that's enough for one blog - hope it's not too much for your computer, but I think mine is super slow -  I am about to update my download.
...and we still have a week of September to go!!!


  1. what an enjoyable blog post - feel like i've been on vacation. and congratulations on your win and prize! i didn't see the other entries, of course, but i can still see why you were chosen the winner.

  2. I'm so glad you won, wel deserved,congrats to you xx
    Great blog with lots of info on many things.xxM.

  3. Love your gorgeous unique winning work. Hope ATASDA can still get you to run a workshop in Brissie 2013 !

  4. wow you have been busy Noela. Absolutely love 'The Devil's Dice'. Fabulous. Congratulations on the award - easy to see why you won!

  5. Thanks everyone - so much creative energy flowing around in the hills - glad you are all on the virtual journey with me - XX

  6. A treasure trove of a post Noela! Congratulations on winning the Flying Arts prize. A most unusual entry to peak one's curiosity. "Will Mankind one day decide that the risk was too great?" .... indeed!

  7. Busy, busy, busy alright... but such fabulous and creative projects. CONGRATULATIONS!!! No wonder you won the Flying Arts thingy...a thoughtful, and beautifully made, work.

  8. Congrats Noela, a well deserved win - I do love your 'Devil Dice' piece. Your PEACE flags look great and so do your "Sailing Inland" sails. Jackson Li workshops I hear were great, sad I was(am) commited with open studios and couldn't make them. Love the brushes - I can get you get you some donkey hair, if you like (email me :)

  9. N- congrats on the award. I am exhausted by the number of things in the post - it also reminded me of all the things we have been doing. The Sails look great and I hope to see them installed on Sunday. Go well. B

  10. Wow, have you been busy, congrats on your award for your beautiful Devils Dice piece. Looks stunning and love your Peace Flags. And really not fair showing photos of the brushes. I started to drool.