Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New work

What is this you may ask?
I am thrilled with this little curly scribble of stainless steel wire. It is the start of my new range of 'wabisabi jewellery' -time to get a body of work together for my local gallery 'Art on Caircross' in time for the Christmas rush [ positive thinking].
I have heaps of s.s. wire offcuts [10 - 15cm] from when I had my deck rails upgraded a few weeks ago. Not being one to throw anything out, I kept these shiny linear treasures, and have unwound the wire, and curled the ends to create a fabulous feature for jewellery.
A neck piece and earrings are just awaiting the findings to finish them off.
I have been 'working' on a commission for a few months now - a client wanted me to make a piece of jewellery from two old Chinese brass medallion segments - one a pendant, one part of a bracelet. They have sentimental value for her.
I have been really struggling - the arched pendant piece obviously needed to go on top, but the visual weight was wrong. Everything I tried was too 'kitch' for my liking, and if I went 'way over the top' with the design, the client may not have liked it. I settled for this compromise - still too conservative for my tastes, but hopefully it will fit the bill,
... and remember the commissioned red teabag tissue earrings I did many months ago?  - I thought they were too OTT so I did 2 more pairs, a little less 'out there,' - well the client liked the OTT ones - here they are again.

...and if you are hanging out to see more of Morocco, I am posting heaps of pics on my facebook page, for public viewing. Make a coffee before you go to the albums!!  


  1. N-great way to use all those SS offcuts - very creative. And of course love the contrast of the red teabags and the silver. Hope the creation of stuff for Christmas goes well. B

  2. I was wondering which tea bag earrings your client chose...and lovely result for your commission!

  3. VERY creative use of the SS and I love the red earrings. Clever!

  4. You are so talented.. collage, paintings, textiles, jewelry.. wow I am so impressed-- your jewelry is very creative and unique.

  5. Hi Barry, thanks for your comment - I feel guilty 'cos I'm not doing Bazola stuff - he he xoxo
    Hi Cynthia, yes, she liked these as they were to 'Make a Statement' which I'm sure they did!!
    Thanks Jo - more red earrings to come???
    Thanks Donna, gardening is something I DON"T do - I drool over your photos of your beautiful Zen environment.

  6. as always faboulous pieces,and your paintings... just wonderfull!

  7. looks like a fun exploration N - and a great resolution with the commission.

  8. Beautiful jewelry.
    You have an amazing way of combining different textures.

  9. Great swirls Noela! Wonderful to be able to 'see' potiential in little treasures.