Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Wabi Sabi Jewellery

Not sure if I am coming or going at the moment - so many little projects to finish. Time to prioritise - I need to make a body of new work for Art on Cairncross - 'wabi sabi jewellery'. I am really loving getting back into this work - allows me to use my individual sense of design and to play around with all sorts of unusual materials. This is what I have come up with so far:
...the stainless steel wire ones are bunched up on the left.
These are my favourites:
...silver bits at the top, and twisty stainless steel fanned out, old favourite design - love this - I will make some more of these, new design with crystals from an old chandelier [courtesy of Christine, her mum, via Barry]


  1. All Beautiful - Linda Young

  2. N- just love what you have done with the chandelier crystals - good design putting them horizontal. B

  3. Looks like another trip up to the mountain for me. Love to get my hands onsome of these goodies.

  4. Thanks Loo, Baz and Jo - I'm on a roll with them xoxo