Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi from Portugal

Hi to all my lovely followers.
We had an intense and exhausting 3 weeks in Morocco - what a country of extremes - from a desert camp in the Sahara accessed by camels, to a night in a gite at the base of the high Atlas Mts covered in snow - Have taken lots of great photos but it is too difficult to post them from here, so will have to wait until I get home.  Met some wonderful people on our tour and managed to avoid the tragic bombing in Marrakesh by one day.
We had a few great days in Porto, N Portugal to recoup - great to have basic and clean facilities again, and we are now in Evora - lovely white washed medieval town in central Portugal. We are heading east to Granada and Barcelona by bus so it is an interesting (and slow) way to get around, but planes are too difficult with the language problems and we want to see ´´out of the way`` places.
I am looking forward to catching up on the creativity of all my fellow bloggers in a few weeks time and hope to have some ideas for new work - where to start????
Love to you all,
Noela xoxoxoxo


  1. bon séjour au portugal!!!

  2. Wonderful trip Noela. Your posts will be soooo exciting once you get home and sort the pics. Stay safe.

  3. Sounds like fun Noela. Far-out, glad to hear you were nowhere near the bombing!!! Stay safe...