Friday, May 20, 2011

Hi from Granada

Hi all,
Wow - an efficient computer!! Shame that a lot of the letters are worn off - testing my skills!! We have 9 hours to fill in before our overnight train to Barcelona leaves. We are in a swish hotel, enjoying a spot of comfort, so will spend the day hanging out, reading, drinking G & T etc. Did all the tourist things including the mandatory Alhambra. Granada is a beautiful city tho not terribly friendly to English speaking tourists.
We are walking lots - a bit tricky for my ankle over the cobble stoned streets, but managing OK. Have taken SO many pictures of doorways and windows and beautiful little alleyways and walls and tiles and birds.
the storks over here are amazing - they make huge nests of sticks on top of power lines, old buildings, my favourite was on an ancient Roman doric column at Volubilis, Morocco,.
Eliza is anxious to get the bus into town and do something, so must away.

Love to all.


  1. Noela of busted ankle fame - great to hear that you are enjoying the low life - G&T and all - no good to see that you are filling another 8 GBs of camera memory - but these photos of the storks are great. Continue to enjoy the trip - but we will be looking forward to the absolute best 100. B

  2. Knowing the 1000's of images likely to result from this trip, how will you choose just 100 best? Tell Barry he's dreaming. Hope the ankle continues to hold out, tho' sounds like it's getting a workout. Look forward to the resukting 'traveller's tales' on your return.

  3. Oops... I need glasses.. when I read it it looked OK 'til now. I did mean resulting.

  4. Stork photos are fab....I am booking in for the 100 of the best photos and tales night....lovey

  5. Gorgeous shots Noela - how dignified is that stork? Continue to enjoy and we'll see you at home soon F

  6. Quand je m'arrêtais, dans une petite ville espagnole, sur le chemin d'un championnat d'orpaillage, je vois une cigogne tout en haut sur le clocher. Je pointe du doigt en montrant la cigogne à une passante. Elle a du me prendre pour une demeurée... à voir son air. Voilà ce que ç'est, que de vouloir partager ses découvertes.

    Pour elle. d'une banalité de tous les jours, pour moi, une nouveauté extraordinaire !!! Comme quoi, tout est relatif dans la vie.


    Nothing in Switzerland ?