Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some more Bazola jewellery

It has been a slow process between an Open Garden Studio Exhibition, rain, rain, and more rain [record amounts], and a persistent migraine, but at last I have managed a few more Bazola pieces.
This last pieces are pendants using techniques developed by Mary Hettmansperger - a brilliantly inspirational artist using a combination of found objects with cold formed connections.

A big THANK YOU to all our [Barry's and mine], lovely friends and fellow bloggers out there who have complimented us on our Bazola stuff. We are thrilled to bits that people are loving our collaborations. We value the comments from such wonderful artists whom we very much respect and admire.

I have just watched the last of the Chilean miners being rescued from the collapsed mine. Such a powerful message of hope and the power of prayer and miraculous happenings. So good for humanity to have a super good news story at this time


  1. The Chilean miners- what a story! Sorry to hear you didn't feel well. I love the pieces you have made.

  2. I love the combination with found material. They´re like little, abstract sculptures.

  3. Thanks Leslie and Eric, yes it would be good to get the same results on a large scale !!
    Hmmmmm - wonder how I do that???