Monday, October 4, 2010

Bazola raw material

I was out to dinner last Friday night with lovely friends, lovely home made pizza and good wine. One of my lovely friends is Baz of Bazola who is the Friday Night Pizza Cooker. He is also the Friday afternoon fold former [he and Fiona ALWAYS manage to spend a few hours creating in their studios on Friday afternoons]. Barry presented me with a box full of fold formed metallic bits [almost still warm from the beating and bashing]. What a delight. Here they are with a few of my favourite forms.

...and here are some of my flotsam and jetsam driftwood pieces which I will include in my new designs. Can't wait to get stuck into it this week in between all  the Arts group meeings.  

I have also ordered 130 metres of neoprene cord off Ebay [thanks to my sister Glenys for her Ebay expertise] so some of these will be worn around the neck. We will have a good collection for the pre Christmas show at Main Street gallery in Montville.


  1. I know how you feel, getting metal stuff from Barry.. he sent me a folded peace bowl which I love. I love all your driftwood collections too.

  2. The way you wrapped the drift wood is intriguing. I wish I could go to an art group meeting with you! Sounds like fun and inspiration!