Friday, April 26, 2013

'Mixed Media Madness' in Ingham

I taught a workshop in Ingham [far North Queensland] a couple of weeks ago. What a fabulous few days. I was treated like royalty - great motel room, lovely meals, personal pick up and set down from Townsville airport, personal tour guide, and even a family Sunday roast lunch with champers!!
The workshop was great - mostly artists and art teachers, so we had a high standard of results, but the best for me was meeting so many amazing people - such energy and entrepreneurial spirit up there.
We played with a variety of media, techniques and tools, but the most fun was making our own horse tail brushes - thanks to the 3 horses in the front paddock who kindly donated chunks of tail hair - the joys of a country workshop.
Here are some of the results:

 Elizabeth having a go....

 ...and some matted results:

...some quick book formats to display the coloured ink paintings:

  Thanks Louise. I'll be back!!


  1. j'ai une grande envie de faire la même chose...les pinceaux me manquent en

  2. Thank you for showing pictures from the day. Looks so creative and inspiring... I wish I could have joined you! I'll definitely try to paint with homemade brushes as it lookls like it gives unexpected and exciting results.

  3. YUMMO!...Some very Whiteley brush marks here. Love that of my very faves.

  4. I love this kind of play or work???....not work to me. Spontaneous is always the best....trusting that occasionally results in my best work.....something about black and white....always "pulls" me in.

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  6. What a great sounding work shop. I would have enjoyed being there!

  7. They all look great. I'm definitely going to make my own brushes and try.You just need a bit of inspiration and a lot of enthusiasm..