Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Letter A Week, 2011

I am part of an online group creating a letter a week, for 52 weeks - resulting in 2 alphabets. It is great fun to participate - motivating myself to create something every week and then thinking of ways to display the final alphabets - a book form being the most obvious. There are some brilliant alphabets out there and I am so impressed by the calligraphic skills of so many people.
Fiona is the co-ordinator, and the project is open to newcomers. Check out the blog site for 2011 and email Fiona if you want to join.
I completed one alphabet on time - an alphabet of photos of letters taken on my trip to Morocco and Europe early last year, and presented as a concertina book.
..some details -
M from Gaudi's Casa Mila rooftop tiles in Barcelona,
N from a painted sign in the Moroccan desert saying 'nomad',
O from the bronze doors of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and  
P a parking road sign in Porto, Portugal.
I have just put the other alphabet together. I went a bit off the beaten track with this one - making 7cm shapes with copper wire, teabags and gold wax rubbed over the top. The letters are based on the Mayan alphabet - a civilisation which has long fascinated me. The teabags lend themselves to being 'seen through', so I wanted the alphabet to work against a window - with daylight and night light - a bit of a compromise and a challenge. Here is the result - the shapes sewn onto a clear perspex offcut and dangling from a lovely piece of driftwood.
...and here is the alphabet hanging in a window with the light filtering through the letters -
a Mayan jungle, perhaps?
...some details.
...a, b, c, d taken with flash,
...a, b, c, d, blu tacked to the window, taken without flash.
Hopefully we can exhibit the alphabets at some stage - many of the participants are from overseas - Fiona is working on finding a suitable venue for a show.


  1. N-both the finished products have turned out well. You have used the recycled perspex cut-out very creatively well done. Photo with the foliage in the background is great. Go well. B

  2. je trouve ce travail formidable et j'ai visité aussi les divers autres artistes .. très beau! bonne idée!

  3. Both works are beautiful!
    Great following their realization!
    All the best for 2012!!!

  4. You did so well with these Noela... you're an inspiration.

  5. They both look beautiful. Not good at something like this but will enjoy following the blog and seeing what you are all doing.

  6. Wow - I really love this project. I am a calligrapher and have recently completed my Zen-Alphabet book. Have always been fascinated with lettering. Love the mobile effect with the letter tiles.

  7. Hi Barry, Penny, Jo, Elfi, Anna and Ruth - thanks for the thumbs up - good to get your feedback as I was a bit 'over it' by the end,

    and a message from Mem Graham...

    "Hello,I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your blogspot……and thanks for loads of inspiration"

    ...thanks Mem, so glad I am inspiring you - motivates me to 'get on with it'!!!



    Mem Graham

  8. Love these Noella, you alphabet of Travel really touches me. Wishing you all the best for 2012 and lots of wonderful creative endevors.{that must be spelled so badly that my dictionary can't even find it, but hope you know what I mean.

  9. I do love letters and lettering and calligraphy and yours are wonderful

  10. wow I really enjoyed your blog.
    I will return!