Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miracles happen

I have not been blogging for a few weeks - busy with 'wabi sabi' and 'Bazola' jewellery, making a 'blurb' book, teaching Digital Design at Maleny Arts Retreat, local Art4place admin stuff, helping my neice who is 8 months pregnant with twins, and getting things in place for my upcoming trip to China - yes, I'm off again - a VERY unusual year.
A couple of days ago I came home after my morning of teaching and found a box by the back door. Miracles of miracles.
Nearly 4 years ago, I sent over $2000 worth of MY BEST wabi sabi jewellery to a gallery in Perth, Western Australia,  which subsequently disapperaed off the face of the earth. I tried for months to chase them up through other arts bodies in Perth, even the police, all to no avail.
Yes, the whole lot was in the box from the 'owner' of the mysterious gallery [which by the way had a brilliant looking web site]. All in good condition - just needing to be repacked in my new custom boxes. No word of explanation, receipt, invoice or 'how's your father' - but hey - I'm not arguing. - just one of life's little mysteries.
This is one of my favourite neckpieces of all time - not often I find a yummy piece of wire like this on the road!! - think I'll keep it.
...the stack of jewellery back from the disappearing gallery,
...and this is my stack of 'Wabi sabi' jewellery ready for 'Art on Cairncross'.
Some of the finished neck pieces made with the unwound stainless steel wire...
...and lastly a fun piece made with recycled 'silver' chains - there are lots of ways to wear this piece.


  1. étonnant ré fin heureuse..le premier collier est tout simplement extraordinaire!

  2. Well done Nola - I have logged an order for Santa to bring me some of your jewellery for Christmas - we were admiring it at Fiona and Barry's open studio - glad you recovered that necklace it is amazing!

  3. Your jewellery is beautiful Noela and I can see why that first piece is a favourite. Love the contrast between the weathered wire and the pristine pearl!Glad you got your missing jewellery back...... and I have butterflies thinking about a trip to China.

  4. Fate intervenes again! A great story.... you were meant to keep that necklace. Good luck in China.

  5. Hey N - What a lovely story. It makes you wonder where they have been all this time; who stumbled upon them and decided to return them - what a journey they have had themselves...

    I love the interactive nature of that last piece - lots of fiddling fun and you'd never get bored! Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks Elfi - happy endings are what we like!
    Hi Wyn, nice to meet you in person, and nice to meet Santa as well :)
    Hi Robyn and Jo - yes, amazing things happen, and I hope to post about my China trip, 'tho I am still way behind with Morocco - ha ha
    Hi Fiona,yes, if only travelling packages could talk - hmmmmmmmm

  7. these pieces are so exciting- as you must be to have them back! A whole new bunch of inventory to sell, and you'd thought them lost forever! As we say in Kentucky, Will wonders never cease?

  8. Absolutely LOVE those pieces. Amazing you received the jewellery back!