Tuesday, June 21, 2011


While we are on the 'subject' of camels - here are a few special pics of these amazing animals.
I had a bad experience on a camel many years ago and was very reluctant to join the overnight Saharan desert camp [via a one hour camel ride]. My lovely fellow tourists talked me into it, and I'm so glad they did. It was a gentle swaying meditative ride into the Saharan sunset, [and the wind dropped] - what an experience!!
...getting ready for the 'treck'...
...off into the sunset...
...that's me with the scarf wrapped tightly around my head... 
Our lovely tour guide, Tahar Baba, was over the moon - shoes off and running over the dunes -he was born in the desert and his father still breeds camels out in the Sahara.
...and my daughter Eliza enjoying every minute... 
We 'slept' on camel blankets on the sand in communal Berber tents, a bit like this one but not as big and fancy. Yes, it was a VERY cold at night.
It was possibly the best experience of my whole trip.


  1. N- not sure about the camels but I love the lines and grass in the first photo; and had to laugh a bit when I saw the car parked beside the tent in the desert. B

  2. Sounds amazing Noela - I love the first shot and the one of the camel shadows...stunning!

  3. What a fabulous adventure and how wonderful to share it with your daughter!

  4. Having only experienced the desert once I can really understand your feelings about it. There is something just sooooo exotic and romantic in the vastness, the emptiness, and the silence. The colours are gorgeous... and your photos.

  5. Great pix Noela - esp love the first one - Camels on the Ridge ...