Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was in Japan this time two years ago. There is so much I love about Japan- the people, the culture, the aesthetics, the history, the nobility, the quirkiness, the craziness, and the amazing sense of order which has now been wrenched from the depths of the souls of 127 million people. I stayed for 2 weeks in the village of Oiso, in the home of my friend's mother, and I was treated like a princess. The village is now a popular retirement area, only one hour SW from Tokyo, but was once a thriving fishing village. I don't know how much damage was done by the tsunami, but the village rises steeply from the ocean, so hopefully not too much. I know my friends are safe.
Here are some of my favourite photos from Oiso.

Japan - I love you.


  1. nous espérons tous qu'un miracle a lieu le pire n'arrive pas!
    les photos sont d'une douceur..

  2. many beautiful photos, Noela.
    thank you for sharing!
    all my thoughts are in Japan,
    the pictures there break my heart

  3. Wonderful images Noela. Thanks for letting us enjoy them. Its heartwarming to see the fabulous sense of order the people express. I hope it will serve them well to pull them through.
    I wish I could put on a big pot of hot soup and hand out steaming bowls to the cold and hungry.

  4. You certainly have an eye for a good photo Noela. These are exquisite. Hope your little village is safe, and remains so.

  5. Thanks for the supportive comments everyone. I googled the museum in Oiso and it is still open [with limited power] so I guess the precious Boro collection is still intact [see header].