Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Collages



  1. beautiful! I especially like the top two. :-)

  2. Hallo Noela,
    Your collages are again very beautiful. I also like your color - choise a lot.
    The composition of surfaces, textures and lines are perfect. And i always find your x. ;)

  3. N-great work - particularly love the light and simplicity of the first two collages. B

  4. Love the quietness of the first one N- very gentle and calming.

  5. Oh, I love the last one. I always like a bit (or a lot) of a good red color. All are quite lovely. Thanks for letting us see them.

  6. Hi Noela
    I can see you are in touch with the land, lovely work.

    Hope your in a safe area.

  7. Just gorgeous Noela, as always. The first one is so quiet you can drift into it, and the last has the touch of the Orient I find very appealing.

  8. Jann- thank you, yes, they are my faves also,
    Petras- how clever of you to notice the X - strange little obsession of mine :),
    BnF- thanks once again for support and encouraging words,
    Mary- yes, it's hard to go past the beauty of the Asian aesthetic,
    David- yes, I'm glad you can see my love of landscape through these little abstracts,
    Jo & Mieke- thanks for the local support and kind words,
    Robyn- thank you from a kindred spirit


  9. Noela was amongst the audience last night at the art incubator and your enthusiasm was very motivating - so had to come on site and see what you do! really well done - your texture and light is fantastic - love your flotsam shots - and the time you have taken to explore them again - and share! Your collages are wonderful constructions as well - Trust you are happy for me to share your blogspot with some of my cohorts in art - it is wonderful? - Best regards Keep it up - Wyn