Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas aftermath and Bazola

We have had SO much rain in this neck of the woods - luckily where I live is in the hills and I am high up, so no flooding here, but I feel for all the people on river flats throughout the country. The snow in the Nth hemisphere has also left me grateful for living in a moderate climate with all the necessary amenities and conveniences still in working order.
Nevertheless it has been a bit of a dreary couple of weeks - family away camping on the beach in the rain for Christmas, daughter in Haslemere, UK, slipping and sliding on the ice, and I am feeling rather sad after my elderly Mum's death a few weeks ago. Friends have kept me motivated and feeling loved - several dinners, coffee catch ups, and a lovely Christmas dinner with a very dear friend and her family.
I also managed to get back into the 'Bazola' jewellery - so another batch is ready to go to the gallery.
I will do 2 posts - one on the earrings, the other on pendants. I am approaching 100 posts so I am cheating a bit to get there faster. Stay tuned for a give away!!


  1. magnifiques créations! d'une subtilité.. et très très décoratif bonne année noela!

  2. Yay Noela! I'm looking forward to your 100 post giveaway.

    ps. Happy New Year :-D