Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday I delivered another 12 Bazola pieces to the Main Street Gallery in Montville. Yes, we have sold 7 pieces in just a couple of weeks.
Barry suggested that I do a post on the 'before and after' stages of production -from his beaten metals to my final designs - so here goes.
If you'd like a more comprehensive look at the beaten metals and the joy of the process, click on  Barry's blog, 'rustnstuff', and if you'd like to see the finished jewelley pieces, click on my link on the right which says 'Gallery - Bazola - Art to Wear' - this will take you to a slide show of the finished pieces - Oh, by the way, if you like anything you see, Mark at the Main Street Gallery is happy to sell off the web site and send overseas.


  1. They really are fascinating pieces and I enjoyed browsing through your jewellery gallery too.

  2. Congratulations Noela (& Barry), I saw them in the gallery they are just devine and your presentation is superb!

  3. N- well done - the gallery looks great. B

  4. Great stuff! I'm off to visit Barry!