Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, a group of local artists held 'open studios' on two consecutive weekends. The project was reasonably sucessful for our first attempt, but next time we will need to do more advertising and link it up with other arts activities in the area. However, I enjoyed the opportunity to tidy and sort out my studio and to re visit some of my older art works. This is some of what I unearthed:
Ink, paint on paper, app 40cm x 60cm [frame]

Tiny Treasure
ink, dyed paper fibres, copper wire, app. 5cm x 5 cm [image]

Tiny Treasure
ink, gouache, gold foil, app 5cm x 5cm [image]

ink, water colour pencil, app 8cm x 12cm [image]

recycled cotton fabric, tea dyed & stitched, gold foil, app 30cm x 30cm

detail of "Sedimentary"
recycled cotton fabrics, painted, stitched & dyed, app 80cm x 65cm

"Growing Old Gracefully"
recycled paper pulp, iron rust paint, dyed cotton & silk wrapped sticks, 95cm x 45cm

"Approaching Storm"
Acrylics, collaged paper & gold foils, 95cm x 45cm

This was my lovely tidy studio for 10 days.


  1. You have a lovely spacious studio, Noela.

    "Growing Old Gracefully" and "Approaching Storm" stood out to me!

  2. What a beautiful studio space you have-- and I can see some of your transitions and changes from your past work.

  3. Noela, I am so impressed with your studio. It is so beautiful and I love the porch where you display your paintings. As Wanda said it is "a lovely spacious studio". I would love to visit. I enjoyed looking at all your pieces, but the one I particularly like is the pelican. The little guy just talked to me. :-) Lizzy aka Cheryl

  4. Your studio is arranged so beautifully! What a lovely, inspiring place in which to work. I wish I could see it in person, but your wondeful blog photos of your work and space will have to do...

  5. What a beautiful studio you have! Such luscious light streaming in from all those windows! Your work is lovely....I'm so impressed that you use so many varied and interesting materials!