Sunday, August 15, 2010

Painting again

It has been a busy week - mostly full of designing work for one of our community arts organisations, but amongst it all I managed to do 3 small paintings which I quite like.
'The Mists Rolling In 1 & 2'.
...and 'Billabong'.
I also managed to finish 2 more scarves for a new gallery in Marcoola, near Mt Coolum, called 'Studio 4 Gallery'.
They have an exhibition of lovely paintings by Heather Gall, and they have these 3 paintings, some scarves and jewellery of mine.
The design work involved coming up with a new name [art4place], a logo, a DL card, an A3 and an A2 poster for our community 'placemaking' arts organisation.
I hope to play with some more painting ideas this week as next weekend I have an 'open studio.
Never a dull moment!


  1. Hi Noela,I like your "mists rolling". It looks you made them in one session. They are great!

  2. You have been productive. Particularly love Billabong.

  3. Hi Noela

    what a productive pixie you are...I love the mists rolling in. Wasn't that fog we had amazing...

    Happy days

  4. Oh, your paintings are amazing. Truly.

    I use to paint when I was younger but gave up on it. OH, you make me want to take it up again. You make me want to study art and try to be good at it!

    You are quite talented, you know...:)

  5. These are all so beautiful but I especially like Billabong - and that gorgeous blue scarf! You are one talented woman.

  6. Thanks Rhonda, and welcome to my blog.